Is wanting to earn more evil? 😈😈

Written by on September 15, 2019

Is wanting to earn more evil? 😈😈

I joined a gym and asked the trainer, “I want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?”
He said, “Try the ATM outside”

atm cash machine

To this day I’m still terrified to come off as a sales-y, valueless person who just wants more money.
I’ve grown up in a collectivist, socialist environment where wanting to earn more looked “greedy”. Money should be only “enough” and everything else should be for the “greater good”.
Now I’m more in peace with the feeling of “wanting to earn more”.

How did I make that jump?

I was working in Cork, Ireland 15 years ago.
I was chatting with a colleague, who was an independent contractor. About contracting.
I knew nothing about contracting. I didn’t know it was even a thing.
So I asked: “why do you contract? Is it because they don’t want you as an employee?”
He told me: “Of course they’d love to. But I earn much more this way.”
I was dazzled. He wasn’t nearly as good as I was in software development. And yet he was making thrice what I was.
Then I asked:

“Why do you want to earn more?”

It was his turn to be puzzled

He held himself up together and replied:
“I have more freedom. I can choose what training I want to follow. I don’t have to ask a manager. I donate money to causes I support. I get to choose who I work with.”

It all clicked at that point for me. I became determined to earn more and become an independent consultant.
In less then a year I realized that dream.

It took a lot of research, mistakes, and frustration. But I managed.

15 years later I coached dozens of tech professionals to do what I did. They are now contracting all over the world in Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.
It was all about overcoming that small....

Psychological Barrier

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