Getting back to reading books

Written by on October 28, 2019

I used to be a book worm

When I was 7, I would finish two 300+ pages a week. 

When I was sick, I had lots of homework to do, that is. 

I’m quite an extrovert person. Reading books were feeding my introvert side. I felt like I’m escaping into someone else’s world that they had the trouble to create.

Reading books made me feel sharp and articulate.   

It went like this for about 10 years. 

Then something (the Internet) happened

And suddenly I was spending all my time in front of computers, and then smartphones. 

One day I realized, if I wanted to be sharp again, I got to back to reading voraciously. 

Sounds familiar? 

Easier said than done, heh? 

I tried everything to get back. 


Started with easy books, hard books, fiction, and non-fiction. 

Only to leave them in the middle and never come back. Until one day I found out 

My Main Mistake 

I thought reading books must be effortless. And ultimately, it must be. 

But it is a little like “making money while you sleep”. You got to first make money when you are awake.   

I figured that if I want to become an effortless reader, I have to make the effort on getting back.

I had to distill what makes me stop reading. What makes me easily get back to it. 

And that, I’ve done.

I’ve come up with following rules: 

1) Only books (kindle and paperback) near the bedside as a screen.

Phones with their distracting notifications pops the “magical bubble” that I am in while reading a great novel. 

2) Only a fiction and easily consumable stories when I am thrown off my mojo

I’m a big fan of personal development books. But when I am trying to fall asleep with a nice bedtime story, a racing mind doesn’t help.  

3) Use the power of music to get back

Music has an amazing psychological power to set me back to flow. 

I.e: Last time I had to get back, I started to read Harry Potter series. 

And I put the film music on my earbuds. 

Worked like a charm. 

What’s next?

Are you struggling to get back to reading? Are you missing it?

Try this tip. Get an easy to consume story, something that has a movie. 

Set the movie musics on the background and let the magic work for you. 

What is the next book are you going to read? Reply me!