Is there such a thing as too much information?

Written by on September 13, 2019

Is the eternal seach of information harmful?

There was once an old master in karate, talking wisdom into his pupil.

karate master iqoach

- My dear pupil, have you seen the gulls flying by the setting sun and their wings seeming like flames?
- Yes, my master, I have.
- And a waterfall, spilling mightily over the stones without taking anything out of its proper place?
- Yes, my master, I have witnessed it.
- And the moon, when it touches the calm water to reflect all its enormous beauty?
- Yes, my master, I have also seen this marvelous phenomenon.
- That is the problem. You keep watching all this shit instead of training.

Does it resonate?
We keep gulping down all the information we could ever get our eyes on

We’re programmed for it evolutionally

But in this era, there is just too much of it.
How often did you find yourself consuming totally useless information?
This is where putting an “information filter” before it gets into your brain becomes important.
Because too much unactionable information paralyzes you like a rabbit in the headlights. 

rabbit in the headlights

You don’t know what to do anymore. There’s just so much.
You need sunglasses, my friend.

How do I put an information filter?

Here’s what I do: I have my goals written down.
EACH and EVERY information I am seeking has to somehow link to those goals.
These goals aren’t necessarily professional. In fact, only a small percentage of them are.
Now if I am reading on how to shoot videos while I am in the bathroom, I know it is for my goal to produce quality videos.

Is there a time-limit on the filter?

Of course.
I don’t do researches on the subjects without acting on them more than 1 day anymore.
Otherwise, I risk becoming the pupil in the above story.
I dread it.

I strongly recommend you do the same. Every time you find yourself in search for information ask: how actionable is it? Can I act on it within the day? 

Do you have projects you don’t realize because of too much research?

Hit reply and let me know!