A 1000X Consultant? What’s that?

Written by on December 16, 2019

What is a 1000X Consultant?

Good consultants are a rare breed to come across. But they exist.

They are punctual, client-oriented, and excellent at what they specialize.

I despise mindless classifications. They are rarely useful, and exceptional cases always fall through the cracks.

But in the curious case of consultant abilities, “Good” just doesn’t cut it.

“Good” in its entirety is a stepping stone, not a destination. Unfortunately, most good consultants do not recognize it.

They become “good” and they get complacent. They stop improving, or worse: they improve at the pace of an average consultant.

There are exceptional consultants who deserve the credit to be separated from the chaff.

That’s a rare case where classification helps. Enables us to study their behavior better and replicate.

I define the best consultants into 3 categories:

  • Good Consultants
  • 10X Consultants
  • 1000X Consultants

In this article, I’ll discuss:

Good consultants go to heaven, bad consultants go everywhere.

If you are a crappy handyman, chances are that you’ll be starving.

An abysmal factory worker will not enjoy a great career improvement.

Weird enough, that’s not the case for consultants. A bad consultant can still earn tons of money, rise through the ranks.

In fact, I’d dare to say that 80% of the corporate consultants fall into the “bad consultants” category.

Bad is not even average (duh!)

Average consultants get the job done: on time, to the specification, on budget. They have good presentation skills. I’m not joking when I say 80% of the consultants aren’t even average.  

It is depressing, and oddly refreshing at the same time if you want to get ahead in the race.

What are “Good consultants” made of then? 

Good consultants possess a great grasp of “value”. They make sure they optimize their service towards maximizing the value: Necessary technical knowledge, apt human skills, and continued interest in craft.

Good consultants are an expert in empathy. They can be a specialist or a generalist, doesn’t matter. Since they know what the client wants and what their KPIs are, they seldom miss their targets.  

Great, what makes a good consultant 10X? 

10X consultants are absolute beasts. 10X is not only their results, but also their impact.

Have you ever seen the consultant in an assignment that seems to solve every issue? Technical or Human related, they possess a knack for seeing through complications.

They know the jargon well but they create such a powerful impact that their client instantly sees it. That puts them to the pole position when the client orders for the next assignment.

How does a good consultant become a 10X consultant?

There’s no simple recipe, but since they’ve done it, it is doable.

When I see a 10X consultant, I ghost them at once. I ask them about their methods over vague statements.

I can sum up what I’ve seen so far could:

  • 10X consultants care about their colleagues. Every opportunity to help the team succeed, is a step stone towards becoming a 10X consultant.
  • Output and productivity is their true obsession. They often ask themselves: How can I make this better? Now it is better, how can I make it 10X better?
  • They have excellent communication skills with outstanding simplification qualities. They can explain everything to a 5-year-old, or a senior Executive.

You know it when you have a 10X consultant in your team. There’s no question. They are the cream of the crop, and only once in a while you encounter them.

Projects finish on time and budget, the client smiles, and future projects are secure.

What more could you ask for?

Enter 1000X Consultant.

1000x consultants barely exist. In fact, I’ve seen only 2 in my whole career. One of them was a friend, and one of them was a client of mine.

I have quite some 10x Consultant friends. Lots of great consultant friends.

But only one of them is 1000X.

When you are near a 10X consultant, he communicates at your level.

When you are with a 1000X Consultant, (s) he ELEVATES you to his or her level.

A 1000X consultant has all the qualities of a 10X consultant. What amplifies him 1000X is this:

1000X Consultants use Economies of Scale

If you deliver a value to a person, he’ll be forever be grateful to you.

If you deliver to 10 people, you have a fandom.

When you are a paradigm shifter as a 1000X consultant is, then you enable people and organizations into their best self. You convince and inspire change.

At a scale.

You can think of them as “train the trainer” type of people. When they engage with their colleagues, they inspire the WHOLE ROOM. Team productivity increases at once, the output multiplies.

When they engage with the client, new horizons open.

It is not uncommon that a 1000X consultant achieves complete business model shifts in one meeting.

They are that powerful.  

Our consultants on a behavioral comparison matrix


Good Consultant

10X Consultant

1000X Consultant





Human skills





Communicates clearly

Communicates at the client’s level, adaptable

Elevates CLIENT’s LEVEL to his/her level

Value added


Outstanding results

COMPOUND results







Chances are that you see a lot of bad consultants around. Or maybe you are an average consultant.

Knowing what to shoot for in your career helps tremendously. That’s why in the article we’ve defined the next steps to a good consultant (10X consultant) and next steps to a 10x Consultant (1000X Consultant).

Next steps 

How do you define yourself in your career? What are your next steps? Write me here and let’s talk!