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Sidar on a hammock

Let me first get this one out of the way: Yes, OK is really my last name, not a nickname. Cool eh?

I was born in 80ies into the middle of a mild civil war, in Diyarbakir, Turkey. I luckily managed to not to get shot, grew up healthily to get my CS degree from an OK university (no pun intended).

What was the little nudge that led me to work in/with dream companies in many countries, become an independent consultant and a thought leader in many areas of IT? Was it a divine calling from God? A selfless inner journey resulting in great success?


It was this:

Compulsory military conscription in Turkey.

The sheer irritation of being part of an organization that holds guns was a powerful switch for me.

Looking back I am less surprised: big successes come from big necessities. Had I not have to get out of this pickle, I’d never end up achieving what I’d done.

I also talk about it in double my value program week 6: by far the easiest way to guarantee success is to create necessity.

It is a solid cure to burn-out, depression and procrastination.

This is important: I didn’t find the opportunities on a silver spoon.

I was stuck in an environment with no growth possibility whatsoever and that was my “necessity” to move out of it. Ever since I have been eating own dog food: make sure that whenever I show up I bring my A-game, I bring necessity with me. The contrast between success and no success was stark.

You might be wondering: Were really you at a point 0? Did you absolutely know nothing?

I knew a lot more than the so-called experts, but I had no clue about how to promote my work: inside and outside the company.  I had a lot of potential, but that was it: potential.

The coolest thing I learnt while trying to get out, was that promoting your work is everything. Realizing that led to an offer to work in Ireland with a promotion to Senior Developer.

My necessity then became to prove myself. If my peers were fired, they’d be off to another job. If I were fired, I’d be deported… Well…

It gets better from here: I became independent and got Microsoft repeatedly as a client. I moved to Belgium (because Ireland was not in Schengen) and got more clients (amongst them Google, Amazon, ING Bank, Belgian Government, BNP Paribas, Fujitsu, Bridgestone…). I started earning twice as much. I became a Solution architect, I became a project manager. An Enterprise Architect, an IT Strategy Consultant, and finally an entrepreneur.

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I’ve set up my own health startup and I’ve raised 400.000€ in 3 days from Crowd Investment angels in a very difficult environment. This achievement raised my company AND my personal valuation. It is no secret that companies are entrepreneurial employees are more in demand.

Want to know the best part? Had I been well guided, I could’ve done all this and much better in 1/3 of the time I spent. I got my results only after I started to invest in myself, got a mentor and a coach.

Now: I’ve been there and done that

That’s why it drives me insane when I see an “HR guru” or a “psychologist” handing over bad advice like free candy. These are the people who never had to maintain a bad piece of code. They never had to manage a team of introverts. None of them ever had to host a meeting trying to translate technical terms to finance-driven boards.

But here’s the kicker: this drove me to coach more and more people to reach their goals. Man, woman, white, black, brown, Asian: didn’t matter. Software Engineers, Project Managers, CTOs, CEOs: they all got results. Not only for their next step by helping them in their resumes. But also working with them on their skills to make them more valuable for a lifetime in the market.

My clients do say some nice things about me:

Maxime Karahan
Salesforce, ex. MSFT, Architect

“I have gotten into Microsoft at a better position, then into Salesforce. Enrolling into Double My Market Value Program was the best decision for my career. The skills I acquired are lifetime.”

Fauve Lybaert
McKinsey Digital Academy, Solution Leader

“Sidar helped me define my ultimate objectives, generate a roadmap and pursue it. I unlocked the doors to an incredible by attending DMVP career which I didn’t know was even possible. I understand the opportunities ahead better than ever and I’m enthusiastic at the prospect.”
Melih Ozturk

Melih Ozturk
Independent Consultant in Software Architecture

“Within two Months into Double My Value Program, I’ve become an independent consultant and got my first client. I literally make 3 times what I used to. I can’t recommend DMVP enough.”

IQoach and Double My Value are the collection of these years of proven-to-work methods and strategies that you will find nowhere else.